The Omega Speedmaster Professional a.k.a. the “Moonwatch”

What is most likely considered the icon watch of the modern age, the Omega Speedmaster Professional is quite simply the most accomplished timepiece of our era.   Not satisfied with just being the only timepiece certified by NASA for all EVA (extra-vehicular activities) it is the only watch to be worn on the surface of the Moon by Buzz Aldrin and others who followed him.

It’s a manual wound chronograph that measures 42mm in case size, not including the crown.  It uses the Omega 1861 calibre movement, a slight variation on the original movement that accompanied the astronauts in 1969.   The manual wound movement was chosen since an automatic movement’s rotor  that is required to wind the main spring would be useless in zero gravity.   The watch is impressive in size and heft and immediately has presence when wearing it.    It’s uses a unique acrylic Hesalite crystal instead of the more modern synthetic sapphire one.   This was specified by NASA so if cracked in space, there would not be shards or shattered remains floating in zero gravity.    Its raised profile gives it a great retro look and feel.    It’s as strong or better than sapphire, but not as scratch resistant and must be worn with care if wanting to avoid unsightly marks.

Omega Speedmaster Profession, the Moonwatch

Omega Speedmaster Professional, the "Moonwatch" (photo credit "epatz" from WUS)

This indomitable piece of history is still made and sold today, and noted as being quite popular among engineers and astronauts at NASA.  It’s celebrated history has been honored many times by Omega with limited edition models.

I’m proud to wear it and honor not only those who pioneered space travel, but those who lost their lives in pursuit of it.  It is one of my favorites and is in my active rotation.

The indomitable Moonwatch from Omega

The indomitable "Moonwatch" from Omega

My very own...

My very own...


The newest addition…. Seiko Military Chrono

This Seiko Miltary Chronograph model # SNDA25P1 is the latest addition to the stable of watches, also known as my unhealthy addiction.   This one came courtesy of a post I saw on my favorite watch forum,   Some member put a picture out there of this one and I was in love at first sight.   It’s a brand new design from Seiko with a military watch feel to it.  At 43mm in size, it’s larger than their normal offerings and just right for me.    Photo courtesy of TimeWares.


Seiko Miltary Chrono Model SNDA25P1

Seiko Miltary Chrono Model SNDA25P1

My pride and joy….

A long time ago, as a young boy, my imagination was captured by a simple looking watch full of color and life. Something about it just struck my fancy like no other watch before or since. I love watches and the intricacies that make them work.

I bought this back in 2004 after much internal debate and anticipation. I’d never in my life spent so much money for such a luxury item and figured I never would again. Not for a minute have I regretted this purchase. And now, that this watch is no longer in production, I’m especially happy to have this model.

Yeah, there’s a story behind how this watch came to my attention, but that’s for another post, another day.    

The Rolex GMT Master II

Christopher Ward of London

Wow, what a great timepiece for the money!   I’m sold!