Protesting in Paris… it’s a national pastime

These are from my trip to Paris last March.   Of course they had to protest something while I was there, so what better than the ’08 Olympics in Beijing and China’s abuse of Tibet.



Wandering about…

I often wander around in my memories to those days not so long ago when London was my home for just a week.   I find myself longing for a time to come when I’m back there again.  So far away from everything I know, it was if I was inserting myself into a different life I might want to have.  They were days of long shadows and crisp air, a sense of impending excitement in the air as Christmas was almost upon the country.  Waking each day, I found a new treasure at my doorstep as the Tube took me to new discoveries every day and night.  I remember so vividly stepping into the cab amongst strangers wondering if they saw the city as I did.  Most of them I dare say didn’t since they were mired in their everyday pedestrian lives, just trying to make it to the next stop.

The London Eye

The London Eye