The Apple iPad… let the haters eat dirt!

The Apple iPad

After watching more of the videos, I’m even more encouraged and excited about this device.

After a night of reflection and seeing more reactions to it I am convinced most people, especially the naysayers, don’t understand what this thing is and what it was meant to be. I think most people were thinking it would be a MacBook or MacBookPro in tablet form. It’s not, nor is it supposed to be.

It’s an Internet connected, multi-media device that is focused on entertainment in multiple formats. Those who want Flash and multitasking etc… already have this in other avenues, such as the MacBook Air, Macbooks, etc…   These petty complaints betray the motivations of those who seek to find only the bad in Apple’s new toy.

It’s also plainly apparent that there was a lot of built up hype over this thing that nothing Apple could have put out yesterday would have satisfied the masses. I really believe Apple needs to tighten up the leaks or stop having these events. They are creating unobtainable expectations which quickly turns into animosity when those who think they know better don’t get what they want.

Seriously…. how many companies in America, let alone the world, take such grief over innovating and bringing new product to the marketplace? Step back from this and realize this is not life and death… just a piece of electronics. Simply amazing….

In the end, I’m convinced this will be a tremendous success, despite all those who want so much to see it and Apple fail.

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OSX 10.5.1 is out!

Just three weeks after release we have our first major update.  It appears to be mostly a bug fix release with no major features, but hey….. what can you expect so soon after a major point release.



What’s up with Dashboard??

dashboadcrazy.png  actmontr.png   

Dashboard has become quite a resource hog in Leopard….. the investigation continues.