The Apple iPad… let the haters eat dirt!

The Apple iPad

After watching more of the videos, I’m even more encouraged and excited about this device.

After a night of reflection and seeing more reactions to it I am convinced most people, especially the naysayers, don’t understand what this thing is and what it was meant to be. I think most people were thinking it would be a MacBook or MacBookPro in tablet form. It’s not, nor is it supposed to be.

It’s an Internet connected, multi-media device that is focused on entertainment in multiple formats. Those who want Flash and multitasking etc… already have this in other avenues, such as the MacBook Air, Macbooks, etc…   These petty complaints betray the motivations of those who seek to find only the bad in Apple’s new toy.

It’s also plainly apparent that there was a lot of built up hype over this thing that nothing Apple could have put out yesterday would have satisfied the masses. I really believe Apple needs to tighten up the leaks or stop having these events. They are creating unobtainable expectations which quickly turns into animosity when those who think they know better don’t get what they want.

Seriously…. how many companies in America, let alone the world, take such grief over innovating and bringing new product to the marketplace? Step back from this and realize this is not life and death… just a piece of electronics. Simply amazing….

In the end, I’m convinced this will be a tremendous success, despite all those who want so much to see it and Apple fail.

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Rewarding failure….

Nothing we’ve accomplished in this country has been because of government, it’s been in spite of it. Liberals have turned our society into a bunch of lazy, handout grabbing, do-nothings who want everything to be given to them instead of earned. We live in a society that has a “lottery” mindset where those who work hard are punished and those who waste opportunity and whine are rewarded with bailouts, mortgage assistance, and socialist programs that divides wealth and multiplies failure.

Lately I’ve started noticing that as a society, we’ve turned everything upside down.   Everything that was once good is now bad and we continue to reward failure.   Then we have the audacity to act shocked when those who fail, continue to do so despite our best intentions.     Those slackers who used to cut up in the back of class, the ones who never worked for anything… you know them!   They’re the ones you’ll be paying their mortgage for.  They’re the ones who voted to take what your hard work and success has provided for and line their own pockets with.    The greatest crimes in a liberal’s mind is income inequity and people who are able to do for themselves.

If you’re still unable to follow the plot, it’s all about control.   They want you to be totally dependent on them which will give them power over you.   Everything they do is aimed at removing your ability to pursue your own destiny, your own will, and your freedoms.

Troll of the Week Award….

My Troll of the Week award goes to none other than the $15 million per year left-wing shill bought and paid for by CBS, one Katie “I’m not in it for the money” Couric. She wins this award by playing “gotcha” politics with Sarah Palin and attempting to smear a decent human being who’s actually accomplished something in life instead of living off the misery of others. You are so far in the tank for Obama you will stop at nothing to present an biased and misleading interview of a true American. You live the life of privilege and power, wielding a microphone intent on destroying all that is good about strong women everywhere. You are scum of the lowest kind.

Here’s to you Katie, may you trip your high heels on the carpet as you tumble down to hell whenever you do us all the favor of leaving this Earth.

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The Obama Biden Problem….


The self admitted “author” of the 1994 assault weapons ban insults a gun enthusiast during a debate.  Typical narrow-minded liberalism from a plagiarizing, cheating, lying, racist bigot.

Thoughts from a former junkie….


Yep, that was me.   I was a junkie.   A two-a-day, had to have it, couldn’t live without my fix of …. X-Files.  Back in the mid to late 90’s I was caught up in the hysteria that was the X-Files.  They were the “Lost” and “Heroes” of my day and the forerunner of which those two shows and more like them should pay homage to on a weekly basis, if not outright paying them royalty fees.  I dove deep headlong into a wicked obsession with the show that I’ve only yet been able to admit to myself was probably borderline sickening.

So, this all brings me to my thoughts on the new movie.   In typical Chris Carter style, little was known of the plot before the release and many questions remain afterwards.  This is his “M.O.”, his style.   While many of the reviews were harsh and some were mostly positive (see Roger Ebert’s)  I knew going in this would probably not compare well with the last one because of many issues such as the limited budget, past legal squabbling, and the type of this episode being a stand alone “monster of the week” style story line.

The first movie had a grander scope and feel and it was appropriate for the series debut into the world of film as well as the myth-arc story line.   This one was what I would call a more local story that was encapsulated in a world of gritty people all seemingly working against our duo.   Quite frankly, as an X-phile, it worked for me.  While the “x-file” in the film could be honestly described as a weak one when it came to the paranormal, it was intriguing as it exposed Mulder and Scully to the kinds of forces that pulled them together and apart on a weekly basis oh so many years ago.  At it’s heart, it was a character study of one who willingly wanted to believe and one who didn’t want to acknowledge their own belief.

It also progressed our intrepid heroes along life’s path to the natural truth they had always shared.  They truly are inextricably linked in mind and heart and their life together has evolved into a comfortable setting that shows a domesticated couple moving on into the murky future together, if nothing else.  

Mulder is still as sharp as ever keeping tabs on all things spooky and Scully is doing what she does best, bringing hope and treatment to those who need it.  Yeah, there are some missing plot elements throughout, but this is nothing new to X-File fans and while we see it as a positive, I fear many reviewers saw it as a weakness.  Carter and company have always felt the need to not explicitly lay out every detail possible, the viewer is left to interpret the interleaving minutia.   The personal struggles these two work through were in full glory again providing a reminder why these two were so good together.

And while I’ve not really discussed details, as someone once said, that’s where the devil is.  However, I would be remiss if I didn’t give kudos to Mark Snow and his scoring of the film.  Once again, he delivered a big time score that complemented the film as well, if not better, than his mood setting tones from the show.   I especially liked the piece in the heartbreaking scene at the end with Mulder and Scully.  It provided a warmth and depth that correctly corresponded to our character’s reunion.

One last thing.   I don’t know if we’ll ever see these two together again on-screen, I for one hope we do, but again I’m fairly biased.  However, the lasting image Carter gives us of Mulder and Scully is not only a deserved one, but a happy one that they certainly have earned….. together.

No words to describe the evil within… the donut burger!

Why football is better than football!

Sorry…. just couldn’t help but vent a little at all the anti-Beckham, soccer haters out there.

– Two words:  No pads!

– Two more:  No helmets!!

– No huddles for soccer players, no standing around and wasting time lineing up before each play.

– Soccer = spontaneous creativity,  Am. Football = memorized repitition.

– You need a good memory for Am. football.  You need intelligence for soccer.

– Players are in better shape, run an average of 10-15 miles per match.  Am. football players don’t run that much in a week of practice.

– Players in soccer play both ways.  Am. Football needs a fresh 11 men for offense or defense.

– Limited substitutions in soccer.  Players in Am. football suck on oxygen tanks between series and substitue liberally.

– No time outs in soccer.

– No instant replay in soccer

– If there’s an injury or time wasting by one team in soccer, the ref makes you play longer each half.  

– No play clock in soccer…. you want the ball?  Come get it if you can.

– Only 1 ref on the field in soccer.  You have a team of refs and press box officials running a Am. football game.

– No steroids in soccer.

– No freakish size players in soccer.  Small players can play just as well as large ones.  Size is irrelevant.

– Soccer actually requires use of the foot…… Am. football only uses the foot for a few plays a game.

– Most kickers in Am. football come from soccer because they are the only ones who know how to actually kick a ball.

– No commercial breaks in a soccer match.

– No lame two minute warning so everyone can catch their breath….. (how stupid is this contrived event?)

– Soccer matches are generally more competitive, no blowouts like in Am. football.

– You can jump into (TV) a soccer game late and still enjoy it  If you miss something early in an Am. football game…. you probably have missed the critical, game deciding moments.

– Therefore goals are more exciting and meaningful.  TDs have a handicap of 6 points versus 1.

– Soccer is played in every country in the world.  Am. football is only in a handful.

– Better international tournaments and “World Championships.”   Not just one game a year.

– Pro soccer teams play regular season games, domestic, and international tournaments all during the same season. 

– 50-60+ games a year in pro soccer.   Only a maximum of 19 in the NFL….(if you get to the SuperBowl)

– Season for pro soccer lasts from August to April (9 months.)   NFL only last 4.5 months  (if your team gets to the playoffs)

– No playoffs in regular season soccer!  Every game counts towards the season championship!  

– Soccer only requires a ball and a goal to play.   Football requires a ball, a goal, pads, a helmet, etc.

– Soccer players don’t come on the field with weapons…..i.e. the helmet to hit someone with.

– Only 12-15 minutes of action in Am. football game.  Almost a full 90 minutes of action in a soccer match.

– Soccer requires skill at every position.  Am. football players  require only brute force. 

– All players in a soccer match touch the football.  Only a few touch the ball in Am. football and then only 1-2 touch it per play most of the time.

– Soccer players can’t use their hands on the field.  Football players  can use anything and still can’t keep the ball sometimes.

– Soccer is a sport which can be technical in play like the Germans or magical like the Brazilians.

– Soccer is a sport which elicits a chant & fervour from the audience that is unmatched by any other sport.

–  Soccer is a sport which does not need a high score to make up for a low IQ.

– Soccer games end usually in less than 2 hours.  Am. football takes at least 3-4 hours to play.

– No halftime shows in soccer!  (Thank God!)

– Yellow Cards > Yellow hankys

– Some nations declare holidays for soccer events.  The SuperBowl is held on a Sunday in order to get the largest audience.