Hello there for anyone wanting to know more about this blog. It’s nothing really, just a place to vent my viewpoints from time to time. I first started this as “secret” place to stash some links while traveling and away from home, but sometimes I just want to say a word or two.

Anyways, if you’re seeing this most likely you are one of the few. There’s only one other person I’ve told this blog about and I doubt he checks it very often.

Born and raised in eastern North Carolina, I was transplanted here to Greenville, SC back in ’96. I’m a typically conservative southern dude who sees life through the perspective of travel and friends. I’m a single guy and live with a well trained cat.

My interests will vary, as you will see, but mostly include travel (especially to Europe), handguns, expensive watches I can’t afford (and a few I can šŸ˜‰ ) sports, technology, and a smattering of everything else including politics.

You can contact me at iwant2blve@yahoo.com if you absolutely must.


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