Rewarding failure….

Nothing we’ve accomplished in this country has been because of government, it’s been in spite of it. Liberals have turned our society into a bunch of lazy, handout grabbing, do-nothings who want everything to be given to them instead of earned. We live in a society that has a “lottery” mindset where those who work hard are punished and those who waste opportunity and whine are rewarded with bailouts, mortgage assistance, and socialist programs that divides wealth and multiplies failure.

Lately I’ve started noticing that as a society, we’ve turned everything upside down.   Everything that was once good is now bad and we continue to reward failure.   Then we have the audacity to act shocked when those who fail, continue to do so despite our best intentions.     Those slackers who used to cut up in the back of class, the ones who never worked for anything… you know them!   They’re the ones you’ll be paying their mortgage for.  They’re the ones who voted to take what your hard work and success has provided for and line their own pockets with.    The greatest crimes in a liberal’s mind is income inequity and people who are able to do for themselves.

If you’re still unable to follow the plot, it’s all about control.   They want you to be totally dependent on them which will give them power over you.   Everything they do is aimed at removing your ability to pursue your own destiny, your own will, and your freedoms.


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