The newest addition…. Seiko Military Chrono

This Seiko Miltary Chronograph model # SNDA25P1 is the latest addition to the stable of watches, also known as my unhealthy addiction.   This one came courtesy of a post I saw on my favorite watch forum,   Some member put a picture out there of this one and I was in love at first sight.   It’s a brand new design from Seiko with a military watch feel to it.  At 43mm in size, it’s larger than their normal offerings and just right for me.    Photo courtesy of TimeWares.


Seiko Miltary Chrono Model SNDA25P1

Seiko Miltary Chrono Model SNDA25P1


“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” – Ronald Reagan

Another gem from one of the greatest leaders in modern times.  We sure could use some of his common sense governing right now.

The death of the Republic….

The party of intolerance and hate has overtaken the American populace and we now face a future of socialism, corruption, reparations, terrorism, radicalism, pluralism, abortion, recession, high taxation, victimization, and atheism.  

We will now have a naive ideologue attempting to lead this country with nothing more than a plan of hope and a mission of change, no matter what the costs.    The last liberal administration let to radical Islam gaining a foothold in the world while we stood by and watched.   Then we watched the fruits of that administration’s neglect and self indulgence under a desk result in the death of thousands of American civilians when the radicals attacked us here at home.  

Now, after 6+ years of being on the run and doing their best to allude capture, they will once again gain in strength and numbers as our new and criminally inexperienced president attempts to delude us in awash of moral-less regulations and a domestic agenda hell bent on spending us into socialism at all costs.

Our borders will flow free and open as those who seek a better life at the expense of American citizens.  Those of a once great Republic brought to it’s knees through capitulation and deceit, a lust for power promising the world for just one vote.

I’ve seen the enemy and he is is slight little troll who lacks convictions and morals.  He lacks any guiding sense of force but his own agenda, wants, and desires.  His strength lies only in what he believes today, whatever might get him through to the next, willing to go with whatever is easiest.  He is at heart a populist, one who’s strength of beliefs comes not from a divine purpose, but a happenstance of misery lost in all that glitters and amuses in front of him, as long as it distracts him and those like him from the truth.