Troll of the Week Award….

My Troll of the Week award goes to none other than the $15 million per year left-wing shill bought and paid for by CBS, one Katie “I’m not in it for the money” Couric. She wins this award by playing “gotcha” politics with Sarah Palin and attempting to smear a decent human being who’s actually accomplished something in life instead of living off the misery of others. You are so far in the tank for Obama you will stop at nothing to present an biased and misleading interview of a true American. You live the life of privilege and power, wielding a microphone intent on destroying all that is good about strong women everywhere. You are scum of the lowest kind.

Here’s to you Katie, may you trip your high heels on the carpet as you tumble down to hell whenever you do us all the favor of leaving this Earth.

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