Check out the new Sig P229

I love the smell of a new gun in the morning….   Well, not exactly brand new, but new to me.  Found it yesterday at the local shop.  Some idiot purchased it recently new and apparently never fired it or only put a minimum of rounds through it.  Other than two tiny nicks on the frame’s finish it’s basically in brand new condition.  For those in need of the details, it’s a Sig Sauer P229R (Rail) DA/SA semi-automatic 9mm with factory night sights.  It came with two hi-cap 13 round magazines.   Date on the case shows it was manufactured in November 2007, so I know it wasn’t in someone’s hands for too long.   Best part….. it came in just under $500.  That’s a steal in my book!

So, in honor of the SCOTUS D.C. vs. Heller case going the right way I thought I’d celebrate my newly confirmed God-given rights ….. again.  🙂





Just another day at the range…