OSX 10.5.1 is out!

Just three weeks after release we have our first major update.  It appears to be mostly a bug fix release with no major features, but hey….. what can you expect so soon after a major point release.






So, is it irony that the new UPS whiteboard commercials feature a song named Such Great Heights” by a group named The Postal Service?  Or just a tragic mistake overlooked by a marketing department desperate to find the right atmosphere?


“A service economy just means everyone is flipping everyone else’s burgers.”

Saw this on online tonight in a forum.  Thought it was a remarkable moment of clarity in these somewhat murky financial times.

What’s up with Dashboard??

dashboadcrazy.png  actmontr.png   

Dashboard has become quite a resource hog in Leopard….. the investigation continues.  

Up for sale…


Going up for sale is my Breitling Chrono SuperOcean.  I just don’t wear this one enough to justify keeping it.   So, I’m off to send it to a happy home.   It will probably go up on TimeZone or maybe eBay if I don’t get what I’m looking for.

   ****UPDATE****   Sold!   Man, I love eBay.  😉

Desktop on Leopard

Loving the new Apple Leopard.  Here’s my latest desktop.  desktop1.png