Why football is better than football!

Sorry…. just couldn’t help but vent a little at all the anti-Beckham, soccer haters out there.

– Two words:  No pads!

– Two more:  No helmets!!

– No huddles for soccer players, no standing around and wasting time lineing up before each play.

– Soccer = spontaneous creativity,  Am. Football = memorized repitition.

– You need a good memory for Am. football.  You need intelligence for soccer.

– Players are in better shape, run an average of 10-15 miles per match.  Am. football players don’t run that much in a week of practice.

– Players in soccer play both ways.  Am. Football needs a fresh 11 men for offense or defense.

– Limited substitutions in soccer.  Players in Am. football suck on oxygen tanks between series and substitue liberally.

– No time outs in soccer.

– No instant replay in soccer

– If there’s an injury or time wasting by one team in soccer, the ref makes you play longer each half.  

– No play clock in soccer…. you want the ball?  Come get it if you can.

– Only 1 ref on the field in soccer.  You have a team of refs and press box officials running a Am. football game.

– No steroids in soccer.

– No freakish size players in soccer.  Small players can play just as well as large ones.  Size is irrelevant.

– Soccer actually requires use of the foot…… Am. football only uses the foot for a few plays a game.

– Most kickers in Am. football come from soccer because they are the only ones who know how to actually kick a ball.

– No commercial breaks in a soccer match.

– No lame two minute warning so everyone can catch their breath….. (how stupid is this contrived event?)

– Soccer matches are generally more competitive, no blowouts like in Am. football.

– You can jump into (TV) a soccer game late and still enjoy it  If you miss something early in an Am. football game…. you probably have missed the critical, game deciding moments.

– Therefore goals are more exciting and meaningful.  TDs have a handicap of 6 points versus 1.

– Soccer is played in every country in the world.  Am. football is only in a handful.

– Better international tournaments and “World Championships.”   Not just one game a year.

– Pro soccer teams play regular season games, domestic, and international tournaments all during the same season. 

– 50-60+ games a year in pro soccer.   Only a maximum of 19 in the NFL….(if you get to the SuperBowl)

– Season for pro soccer lasts from August to April (9 months.)   NFL only last 4.5 months  (if your team gets to the playoffs)

– No playoffs in regular season soccer!  Every game counts towards the season championship!  

– Soccer only requires a ball and a goal to play.   Football requires a ball, a goal, pads, a helmet, etc.

– Soccer players don’t come on the field with weapons…..i.e. the helmet to hit someone with.

– Only 12-15 minutes of action in Am. football game.  Almost a full 90 minutes of action in a soccer match.

– Soccer requires skill at every position.  Am. football players  require only brute force. 

– All players in a soccer match touch the football.  Only a few touch the ball in Am. football and then only 1-2 touch it per play most of the time.

– Soccer players can’t use their hands on the field.  Football players  can use anything and still can’t keep the ball sometimes.

– Soccer is a sport which can be technical in play like the Germans or magical like the Brazilians.

– Soccer is a sport which elicits a chant & fervour from the audience that is unmatched by any other sport.

–  Soccer is a sport which does not need a high score to make up for a low IQ.

– Soccer games end usually in less than 2 hours.  Am. football takes at least 3-4 hours to play.

– No halftime shows in soccer!  (Thank God!)

– Yellow Cards > Yellow hankys

– Some nations declare holidays for soccer events.  The SuperBowl is held on a Sunday in order to get the largest audience.